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Akhil Nasha Band

Grooving on Bhangra beats

The energetic and vivacious performance of LPU DE Students from Mahilpur won the hearts of audience and judges alike. Their performance made everyone groove on Bhangra beats and bagged the first position among all the schools of LPU during Inter-School cultural fest SPECTRA-2015.

Akhil Nasha Band

Impressing the audience with spectacular formations

Spectacular formations by LPU DE Students from Nakodar regaled the audience and impressed the judges to bag the 3rd position during SPECTRA-2015.

Akhil Nasha Band

Spreading the colours of talent in Rangoli

DE students made their enthusiasm and excitement shine bright as they exhibited their artistic and creative skills using vibrant colours to create beautiful Rangolis during SPECTRA-2015.

Akhil Nasha Band

Giving colourful performances during cultural procession

In the inaugural procession of Inter-School cultural fest SPECTRA-2015, DE students expressed their immense enthusiasm through their colorful dresses and lively dance performances.

Akhil Nasha Band

Manning a stall to serve traditional Punjabi cuisine

DE students, utilizing their entrepreneurial skills, successfully ran a stall serving dishes like Lassi, Sarson da saag and Makki di roti during SPECTRA-2015.