About University

Ques -What does LPU DE stand for?
Ans -LPU DE stands for Lovely Professional University Distance Education.
Ques -What is Distance Education?
Ans -
Distance Education refers to the education imparted to distantly placed students with the help of modern technology and communication facilities including home assignments, tutorials, web-based instruction and online learning.

Distance Education has emerged as the most remarkable technology based innovation in education. It is bringing education to the very doorstep of the learner and is opening new paths of progression for all.
Distance Education endows unmatched flexibility to its students as even working professionals, entrepreneurs or housewives can look forward to pursuing higher education and upgrade their knowledge and skills while continuing doing whatever they are doing at the places they are set.
Ques -What does LPU stand for?
Ans -LPU stands for Lovely Professional University. It is India’s largest university in terms of students on a single campus. The university is recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC) and is member of coveted Association of Indian Universities (AIU).
Ques -Where is LPU located?
Ans -Lovely Professional University is located on the Jalandhar-Delhi G.T. Road, NH-1 (Punjab) at the entry to Jalandhar city and is well connected by road, rail, and air; having a reasonable distance from the bus stands, railway stations, and the airports at Amritsar and Chandigarh.

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Accreditations / Recognitions

Ques -Is Lovely Professional University recognized by UGC?
Ans -Lovely Professional University is recognized by University Grants Commission, a statutory body of the Government of India; established for the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of university education in India. Lovely Professional University is included in the list of universities maintained by University Grants Commission under Section – 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956.
Ques -Is LPU a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)?
Ans -Yes, LPU is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
Ques -Is Lovely Professional University recognised for offering Distance Education Programmes?
Ans -Lovely Professional University is recognized by the University Grants Commission- Distance Education Bureau (A regulatory body of the Government of India, established for Open and Distance Learning System) vide F.No. 9-1/2016 (DEB-I)/382 to offer Distance Education Programme in the state of Punjab

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Ques -Who can take admission in LPU DE?
Ans -Anyone i.e. Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, House-wives or any other individual who wishes to pursue higher education while still continuing with what she/ he is doing.
Ques -What is the maximum age at which one can take admission in LPU DE?
Ans -Age is no bar for admission in LPU DE.
Ques -Am I eligible to pursue Ph.D. after studying a Masters Programme from LPU DE?
Ans -Yes, you are eligible to pursue Ph.D. after studying a Masters Programme in LPU DE.
Ques -Can I pursue two programmes simultaneously in LPU DE?
Ans -No, you can enroll for only one programme in LPU DE at a time.
Ques -Can I take admission if the result of my qualifying examination is awaited or I have back-log/ re-appear/ compartment in the qualifying examination?
Ans -Applicants who are either awaiting their result or are due to appear for qualifying exam may also apply, provided they furnish/ submit the result of the qualifying examination to the university either by the last date of provisional registration or at the time of admission, or by the last date as specified by the university.
Ques -What if I fail to submit pending documents by the stipulated dates?
Ans -In case an applicant fails to produce proof of fulfillment of the prescribed eligibility criteria or any other document prescribed by the university or fails to provide original documents for verification by the stipulated date(s), he/she shall not be considered eligible for admission, and the admission, in any case, if granted due to any reason, shall be cancelled and the applicant shall have no claim, whatsoever against the university. Fee and other charges, including amount paid for provisional registration by the candidate, if any, shall stand forfeited and the candidate shall further be liable to pay the fee and other charges for the remaining/ entire duration of the programme.
Ques -What are the documents that I need to attach with the application form?
Ans -Following documents, both self attested and attested by competent authority (i.e. a Gazetted Officer or Notary or any other appropriate authority as prescribed by the university) with seal, should be submitted by the applicant:

i. Photocopy of Matriculation or equivalent certificate bearing testimony to Date of Birth.
ii. Photocopy of Detailed Marks Card of the qualifying exam and other exams as prescribed by the university.
iii. Photocopy of proof of residence (Passport/Voter Identity Card/RationCard/Aadhar Card/ Driving License/ Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Bank Account Statement)
iv. Photocopy of a document bearing the applicant’s signature for verification purpose (only if the same is not there in the proof of residence)
v. Undertaking by the applicant in case of any pendency (Result awaited/ Re-appear/Backlog or any other pendency)
vi Undertaking for Gap Period if the applicant is applying after gap in his/ her studies
•    Two additional passport size coloured photographs (apart from the one pasted on the Application Form).
•    Demand Draft (DD) for the prescribed fee.

The applicant must ensure that his/her signature on Application Form and all the testimonials he/she submits, should be authentic and that the same match with the proof of signature furnished by him/ her.
Ques -What would be the cost of the prospectus?
Ans -Presently, the cost of the prospectus is Rs 350. However, the university may revise it anytime without prior notice.
Ques -What if I send an incomplete application form?
Ans -Application Form received without fee or otherwise incomplete in any respect or received after the stipulated dates for submission, may not be considered/evaluated for admission or may be summarily rejected without any clarification or intimation.
Ques -How do I know if I am eligible for a programme under LPU DE?
Ans -Eligibility criteria for all the programmes is specified in the prospectus as well as on university website. You need to study it carefully before filling up the application form. Also, you may seek help of our counselors by calling us at +91-1824-300360.

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Disciplines/ Programmes Offered

Ques -What are the various Disciplines offered by LPU DE?
Ans -LPU DE is offering various programmes in the following disciplines:

  • Computer Applications (CA)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Management
  • Commerce
  • Arts
  • Library & Information Sciences

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Ques -What is the maximum duration of the programmes offered by LPU DE?
Ans -
  • Programmes of 1 year duration have maximum duration of 3 Years
  • Programmes of 2 years duration have maximum duration of 5 Years
  • Programmes of 3 years duration have maximum duration of 6 Years
Ques -What are the various Computer Applications (CA) Programmes offered by LPU DE?
Ans -Various Programmes  in Computer Applications (CA) offered by LPU DE are as follows:

After 12th

DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications)
BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

After Graduation

MCA (Master of Computer Applications)
PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications)

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Ques -What are the various Information Technology (IT) Programmes offered by LPU DE?
Ans -Various programmes in Information Technology (IT) offered by LPU DE are as follows:

After 12th

B.Sc. Information Technology

After Graduation

M.Sc. Information Technology

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Ques -What are the various Management Programmes offered by LPU DE?
Ans -LPU DE is offering the following Management programmes:

After 12th
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

After Graduation
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management)

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Ques -What are the various Commerce Programmes offered by LPU DE?
Ans -LPU DE is offering the following Commerce programmes:

After 12th

After Graduation

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Ques -What are the various Library & Information Sciences Programmes offered by LPU DE?
Ans -LPU DE is offering the following programmes in Library & Information Sciences:

After 12th
DLIS (Diploma in Library & Information Sciences)

After Graduation

BLIS (Bachelor of Library & Information Sciences)

After Graduation in Library & Information Sciences
MLIS (Master of Library & Information Sciences)

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Ques -What are the various Arts Programmes offered by LPU DE?
Ans -The various Arts Programmes offered by LPU DE are as follows

After 12th
BA (Bachelor of Arts)

After Graduation
M.A. Economics
M.A. Mathematics
M.A. English
M.A. History
M.A. Sociology
M.A. Political Science
M.A. Hindi
M.A. Education

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Ques -When are the End-term/ Re-appear Examination conducted?
Ans -The End-Term/ Re-appear Examination are generally conducted in the months of June & December. For the exact schedule, please check announcement section of LPU e-Connect from time to time.
Ques -Where will  the End-term/ Re-appear  Examination be conducted?
Ans -The End-term Examination will be conducted at the Examination Centre(s) established by the University.
Ques -How do I get the Date Sheet for End-term/ Re-appear Examination?
Ans -Date Sheet of End-term/ Re-appear Examination would be uploaded on  LPU e-Connect as per the following path:

Exam Connect----Date Sheet
Ques -How do I report a discrepancy, if any, in the Date Sheet of End-term/ Re-appear Examination?
Ans -You may report the Discrepancy in the Date Sheet of End-term/ Re-appear Examination to the University through grievance cell as per the following path:

e-Connect----Grievance Cell----Log Request
Ques -What are the types of Discrepancies in Date Sheet that can be reported to the University?
Ans -You may report the following types of Discrepancies in Date Sheet to the University:

•    Non Availability of Course(s) in Date Sheet
•    Clash in Dates
•    Wrong Course(s) mentioned in the Date Sheet
Ques -What document(s) do I have to carry to Examination Centre?
Ans -You need to carry your ‘Admit Card’ and ‘Identity Card’ provided by the University to the Examination Centre.
Ques -What is the difference between Identity Card and Admit Card? 
Ans -Identity Card is official card provided by the University stating the admission details of the student and is valid till the maximum duration of the programme. Admit Card is official card provided by the university, stating the Examination details of particular Exam Session and is valid for that particular Exam session only.
Ques -What are the steps to be followed in case of loss of Examination-related document(s) like Admit Card, Identity Card etc?
Ans -No student is permitted to enter the Examination Centre without the Admit Card and Identity Card. In case of any last minute loss of Admit Card, students can request the Examination Centre to re-print the same.

If the Identity Card is lost, students can seek permission to write the Examination with a valid photo identity proof e.g. Passport/Driving License/Voter ID Card/PAN Card/ Aadhar Card. However, immediately after the examination, student should apply and obtain a new ID card by submitting the appropriate application and fee to the University.

Ques -What are the consequences of appearing in the End-Term/ Re-appear Examination without the Admit Card?
Ans -Students are not permitted to appear in the End-Term/ Re-appear Examination without the valid Admit Card. If it is found that the student has appeared in the examination without the Admit Card, then his/ her Result will be declared as NULL and VOID. 
Ques -What if I fail to register for Re-appear in particular Exam Session? 
Ans -In case you miss a chance to register for Re-appear in a particular Exam Session, the same can be done during the next Exam Session. However, this is applicable only for Exam Sessions during the maximum duration of your Programme.
Ques -Will my fee be adjusted if I fail to register Online for Re-appear Examination?
Ans -No. If you have paid the fee but did not register online for Re-appear examination, it would be treated as incomplete process and the paid fee will not be adjusted.
Ques -Where are the Previous Year Question Papers available?
Ans -You can view the Previous Year Question Papers in your e-Connect account as per the following path:

e-Connect---e-Resources---Shared Folder---Examination---Previous Year Question Papers


Ques -What are the features of LPU DE?
Ans -The features of LPU DE are as follow:

  • Exhaustive Online Support through
  1. LPU e-connect providing 24*7 access to academic resources including Self Learning Material (Study Material) for certain courses
  2. Dynamic Website
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Personal Contact Programme (PCP) at University Campus, Phagwara, Punjab for certain programmes
  • Comprehensive Evaluation System
  • Student Career Support
Ques -What are the benefits of Distance Education?
Ans -Distance Education makes lifelong learning possible. Along with enhanced access to educational opportunities; it offers convenience, flexibility and affordability. Of the many benefits of Distance Education, some are listed here:

  • Suitable for anyone and everyone
  • Self-paced learning
  • No constraint of time and place
  • Multi-tasking opportunity
  • Age no bar
  • Increase in remuneration and promotion potential

Identity Card

Ques -When will I receive my Identity Card?
Ans -From admission session 2014-2 and onward, the students are given direct online access to get their ID card printed through interface available in their respective LPU e-Connect log-ins after the confirmation of their admission. Students can take the print-out of the ID card and get it laminated. The authenticity of the ID card is verifiable through an interface created on LPU DE website at http://www.lpude.in/frmShowStudentDetals.aspx

Students are advised to make use of this facility judiciously as there is a restriction on number of times a student can take print-out of ID card.

Ques -What is the validity of the Identity Card?
Ans -The Identity Card, unless cancelled earlier, is valid for the duration specified by the university for the programme in which the applicant has sought admission.

LPU e-Connect

Ques -What is LPU e- Connect?
Ans -LPU e-Connect, an exceptional and user friendly online platform of Lovely Professional University, offers ANY TIME ANY WHERE strong and secure online connection that links its students with the university.

Based on enterprising web portal technology, it truly automates various administrative and academic processes of Distance Education and minimizes the shortcomings of physical distances by providing 24X7 accessibility through its various useful features.  
Ques -What are the features of LPU e - Connect?
Ans -Various features of LPU e-Connect are as follows:

  • My Account
  • e-communication
  • Course Connect
  • e-Resources
  • Exam Connect
  • PCP (Personal Contact Programme)
  • Relationship Management System
  • Feedback
  • Help Manual

Ques -How is LPU e-Connect useful for me?
Ans -LPU e-connect is a boon for you as you can learn as per your convenience along with your other commitments. Students can access various interactive and dynamic features of LPU e-Connect which serves the motto "Your Education Your Way"

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Ques -From where can I access LPU e-Connect?
Ans -LPU e-Connect can be accessed through link: https://ums.lpu.in/econnect/
Ques -How can I access my LPU e- Connect?
Ans -You can login to your LPU e-Connect  using  your username and password and can have access to all the resources/ information provided to students.
Ques -How will I get my username and password for LPU e-Connect?
Ans -You will receive a SMS from university after your registration number is generated by the university.
Ques -When will I get my username and password for LPU e- Connect?
Ans -You will be provided your username and password on generation of your registration number.
Ques -Can I get username and password of LPU e-Connect without taking admission?
Ans -No, you need to take admission to get username and password.
Ques -Do I have to pay extra charges for using LPU e-Connect?
Ans -No, you do not have to pay extra charges for using LPU e-Connect.
Ques -Is there any specific time to access LPU e-Connect?
Ans -LPU e-Connect is 24X7 available for you. You can access it at any time at any place as per your convenience.
Ques -What computer configurations do I need to have in order to access the LPU e- Connect?
Ans -For smooth working of LPU e- Connect,  your computer should have the following configuration:

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or later (available at Microsoft website free of cost) or Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or later (available at Mozilla website free of cost)
  • Minimum Bandwidth of 256 KBPS. (recommended 512KBPS)
  • Configuration of PC- minimum P4 with 512 MB RAM
  • Any antivirus with latest updation
  • Acrobat Reader
Ques -Is LPU e-Connect accessible through mobile applications?
Ans -Yes, LPU e-Connect is accessible through certain mobile applications.
Ques -What are the mobile applications through which LPU e-Connect can be accessed?
Ans -LPU e-Connect can be accessed through the following mobile applications:

Click here for iOS App
Click here for Android App

Ques -Is any Help Manual available on how to use LPU e-Connect?
Ans -All the users of LPU e-Connect are provided with an exhaustive Help Manual explaining how to use various features and resources of LPU e-Connect.

Personal Contact Programme

Ques -What does PCP stand for?
Ans -PCP stands for Personal Contact Programme which provides opportunity for DE students to interact with the faculty members and fellow students at university campus. This not only facilitates conceptual understanding of the courses by clearing doubts, but also allows the student to experience university life of a regular student for a few days besides getting access to various university facilities and technologically advanced labs.
Ques -Where is PCP conducted?
Ans -PCP for certain courses is conducted at university campus, Phagwara, Punjab.

Relationship Management System

Ques -What is RMS?
Ans -Relationship Management System (RMS) is an innovative endeavor of the university that provides a platform to students to register suggestions, requests, queries and feedbacks regarding various academic or administrative aspects of the university.
Ques -How can I lodge my suggestion, request, query or feedback through LPU e-Connect?
Ans -To send suggestions, requests, queries and feedbacks to the Relationship Management System (RMS):

1.    Login to LPU e-Connect using your User Id and Password
2.    Select the Relationship Management System (RMS) Tab option available on the top menu bar on the left of the Home Page
3.    Select the Log Request tab
4.    Select your message type - suggestions, requests, queries or feedbacks
5.    Select the desired category
6.    Enter the description of the suggestion, request, query or feedback
Ques -Whom/ Where should I contact in case of any query/ issue?
Ans -You can contact our Relationship Management Cell at +91-1824-300360. You can also post your query under ‘Relationship Management System’ tab of your LPU e-connect account.

Study Material

Ques -What are the features of Study Material?
Ans -Study Material has the following features:
  • User friendly style with division into manageable units.
  • Margins for making notes
  • Tasks & Exercises
  • Did You Know feature
  • Pictures & Graphics
  • Case Studies & Examples
  • Glossary & Summary
  • Self Assessment & Review Questions
  • Further Readings
Ques -Is the Study Material available in regional languages?
Ans -Yes, Study Material for select courses is available in Hindi and Punjabi language also.
Ques -Can I download and save the Study Material available on website and LPU e-Connect?
Ans -Yes, you can download and save the study material from website and LPU e-Connect.
Ques -Do I have to pay an extra fee to collect the Study Material?
Ans -Study Material is available on LPU DE website (www.lpude.in)/ LPU e-Connect for free. However, a student, who wants to obtain printed Study Material, has to pay Rs. 1000 separately at the time of taking delivery of the study material. This is applicable only for students admitted June 2014 onwards.
Ques -Is the Study Material available online?
Ans -Yes, Study Material for certain courses is available online on our website (www.lpude.in) for 24x7 accessibility.

Click here to view the online study material

A student may also download study material from LPU e-Connect (https://ums.lpu.in/econnect/) by using his/ her login credentials.