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Computer Applications/ Information Technology

Programme CodeProgramme Name
1123Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)Download
1124Bachelor of Computer ApplicationsDownload
1423Master of Science (Information Technology)Download
1624Master of Computer ApplicationsDownload
1924Post Graduate Diploma in Computer ApplicationsDownload
1K24Diploma in Computer ApplicationsDownload


Programme CodeProgramme Name
3121Bachelor of Business AdministrationDownload
3521Master of Business AdministrationDownload
3921Post Graduate Diploma in Business ManagementDownload


Programme CodeProgramme Name
3122Bachelor of CommerceDownload
3422Master of CommerceDownload


Programme CodeProgramme Name
3423Master of Arts (Economics)Download
4120Bachelor of ArtsDownload
4427Master of Arts (English)Download
442AMaster of Arts (Mathematics)Download
442BMaster of Arts (History)Download
442CMaster of Arts (Sociology)Download
442DMaster of Arts (Political Science)Download
442GMaster of Arts (Hindi)Download
6421Master of Arts (Education)Download

Library And Information Sciences

Programme CodeProgramme Name
4H2HBachelor of Library and Information SciencesDownload
4J2HMaster of Library and Information SciencesDownload
4K2HDiploma in Library and Information SciencesDownload