• Information published by the university in the Prospectus, university website (www.lpude.in), advertisements or otherwise in any manner must be read in conjunction with supplements, updations, rectifications, clarifications, corrigenda, notices etc. as and if issued by the university from time to time. Applicants and others concerned must ensure that they know up-to-date information before applying for admission or any other purpose whatsoever.
  • Certain pictures and details, not belonging to the university, have been used in the Prospectus and other informative material of the university merely for better understanding of the relevant content or for general information.
  • Best efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of content published in the Prospectus, university website, advertisements and other material published by the university; however, the university does not give any assurance about any content to be error free and will not assume any liability arising on that account.
  • The university reserves the right to make any insertion, withdrawal or change in information published anywhere at any time without any notice, as and if deemed necessary, including but not limited to information in Prospectus, university website, advertisements and other material as well as any provision or facility, whether existing or new. No responsibility will be accepted by the university for any hardship or expenses incurred by an applicant or any other person(s) on account of such insertion, withdrawal or change, no matter how they are caused.
  • Without prejudice to the above, the university does not take any responsibility for the authenticity of the information made out or taken by any applicant or any other person from any website, blogs, search results, classified websites, chat sites, inquiry (verbal, online or written) or any source other than the information published in the university Prospectus or as available on the university website (www.lpude.in), and for the actions of applicants or others concerned on the basis of such information.
  • In case of any dispute on any matter concerning the university, whether covered by Prospectus or not, and/ or for interpretation of/in relation to any content of the Prospectus, university website, advertisement or information published anywhere in any manner relating to the university, the decision of the competent authority of the university shall be final and binding on all concerned, and thereafter the courts at Kapurthala, Punjab (India) only shall have jurisdiction for unresolved disputes.