Current Students
Important Instructions
Information published by the university in this Prospectus, university website, advertisements or otherwise in any manner must be read in conjunction with supplements, updations, rectifications, clarifications, corrigenda, notices etc. as and if issued by the university from time to time. Applicants and other concerned must ensure that they know up-to-date information before applying for admission or any other purpose whatsoever.
A student of this university is required to adhere to all the instructions, policies etc. issued by the university from time to time inter alia including the following:
  • Students are required to abide by the provisions of the Act, Statutes, Regulations, Ordinances, Rules, Orders, Instructions, Guidelines, Code of conduct, Policies, Directions, Standing orders etc. (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Rules & Regulations”) as made applicable from time to time by the Lovely Professional University (hereinafter referred to as 'University' and shall also include its constituent(s), affiliate(s), sponsoring body, associate(s), successor(s), sister concern(s) and other units, as applicable); whether by specific order in writing or otherwise; and student defaulting in any respect will be liable for disciplinary action as decided by the university.
  • Students are required to keep themselves well versed and updated with the Rules & Regulations in force, and amendments thereto, if any. The university shall not be responsible for intimating every student individually in any manner.
  • The university only provides assistance for placement to eligible and interested students but does not guarantee placement, or about the companies visiting the campus, packages being offered by them, and any other activity related to placement. The university may impose conditions (academic or disciplinary or otherwise) like scoring specific CGPA and/ or maximum number of permissible backlogs/ re-appears for considering a student eligible for registration for placement activities.
  • If a student is selected by an organisation and he accepts to join it, the university may require the student to deposit certain amount as security to ensure that he joins and stays with the concerned organisation for minimum one year or as decided by the university and that organisation.
  • Students are required to inform the university and ensure updation in the university record(s) about any change in their permanent/ correspondence/PG address or Telephone No./Mobile No. / e-mail etc. if made at any point of time.
  • For all purposes, the university will use LPU e-Connect for all announcements/notifications/ communications related to LPU Distance Education. Any announcement/notification made on LPU e-Connect will be deemed to have been served on all the students. The university may also use e-mail/SMS at times to convey information/interact with students/parents at its discretion.
  • The university shall not be responsible for loss of communication with respect to any matter also including disciplinary action, UMC case, Placements etc. whatsoever on account of non-submission or submission of incorrect contact details by the student to the university.
  • The university reserves the right to make changes in the date, venue and timing in admission, conduct of Personal Contact Programme (PCP), examination or for any other purpose as and when deemed necessary.
  • The university reserves the right to conduct narcotic or drug or alcohol test or any other medical test on any student while he/she is in the university campus/ other prescribed locations/ exam centres at any time. If the result of any test is found to be positive (+ve), the student may not be allowed to continue his/her study in the university and he/she shall have no claim to refund of fee and other amount already paid or otherwise whatsoever against the university.
  • If a student is found to be having any kind of serious ailment or any kind of psychiatric history or psychological ailment or otherwise suffering from mental trauma or depression or any other such kind of problem(s) or having any tendency to do anything unwarranted including but not limited to committing suicide, he/she be considered as detrimental or otherwise not appropriate by the university for the academic atmosphere or otherwise, the university shall reserve the right to cancel his/ her admission at any time and he/ she shall have no claim for refund of fee and/ or other amounts already paid or otherwise whatsoever against the university.
  • Students, during the duration of their study programme with the university and even afterwards, are not allowed to indulge in or incite or pursue or propagate or publish in person/print/ electronic/internet media any sort of activities and/or controversies of anti-social, political, semi-political, religious, communal, show of allegiance and other acts of such like nature within or outside the precincts of the university.
  • Students are required to behave in a disciplined and dignified manner within and outside the university campus and also at public places and must keep in mind that the dignity and good name of the university depends upon their dignified and decent behaviour inside and outside the university.
  • Students are required to behave very decently towards other students, staff, teachers, and visitors etc. Any act of misbehaviour will not be tolerated at all and the student found guilty will be liable for disciplinary action including expulsion/rustication from the university.
  • Parents/guardians, during their presence on university campus, exam centre and other prescribed locations, while communicating or dealing with the staff must ensure that they behave decently and in orderly manner; any misbehaviour or unwarranted act on their part shall make them liable to legal action as per the law of land. Besides this, it may lead to disciplinary action against the student whose parent/guardian is found guilty thereof.
  • Students are required to adhere to dress/uniform code as prescribed by the university.
  • Students are required to wear the identity card around their neck making it visible all the times during their presence in the premises of the university and while they are at other locations outside the university for study or others purposes related to the university.
  • Students are not allowed to form or associate or incite others to form or associate in any manner, with any kind of formal or informal union, association, groups, alliances, forums, organizations, institutions etc., whether authorized or unauthorized or recognized at any level, within or outside the university, except which are specifically created by the university for such purposes as prescribed.
  • Participation or involvement in any strike(s) or subversive activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to visit and/or stay at such places or areas, (whether inside or outside the premises of university / other locations) which are unauthorized or otherwise restricted by the university.
  • Ragging, hooliganism, misconduct, gambling, smoking, consumption or possession of any type of liquor/alcohol, drugs/intoxicants, explosives, weapons, fireworks etc. are strictly prohibited within and outside the precincts of the university / other locations. On being found guilty of any such act by way of indulging in or abetting within or outside the precincts of the university / other locations, the student shall be liable to severe punishment and further such cases will be reported to the police as and if decided by the university.
  • Students are not allowed to do anything which may cause disturbance in the studies of other students or may be deemed vulgar in any way or detrimental to the interest of the university.
  • Distribution of leaflet/banner etc. for any purpose unless specifically permitted in writing by the university, is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to paste any poster, painting or alike on the walls or other places in or outside the premises of university / other locations, other than allocated for the specific purpose by the university.
  • Students are not allowed to hold any meeting, gathering or to do any kind of celebrations within or outside the precincts of the university / other locations without specific written permission of the concerned authorities of the university.
  • Students are not allowed to collect any money from any student(s), staff, employee(s) or other person(s) of the university or otherwise for any purpose including donations, contributions/gathering without the written approval of the university.
  • The university may call any student and/or his parents/guardian at any time even during holidays or for early or delayed stays even during nights for official/ academic purposes as deemed fit and it is mandatory for the student and/or his parents/guardian to come whenever the university calls them either telephonically or otherwise.
  • If a student initially agrees to and/ or participate or represent the university in any sports / cultural / co-curricular / extra-curricular or other activities but later on withdraws from participation in the same or related event(s), then all the honours / awards / prizes etc. already awarded to such student may be withdrawn and/or such a student may be blacklisted for participation in future event(s) and / or any other disciplinary action may be taken against him/her.
  • All the programmes are purely academic programmes and not meant for issuance of any license and/or registration for the purpose of any profession and/or its practice, unless otherwise specified.
  • Project, dissertation, thesis, research work, software, products, patents, copyright, etc. developed or carried out during the study with the university will be university property and the university can use it for any purpose it desires, and consent/ permission of student will not be required for that purpose.
  • For programmes being offered in tie-up or collaboration with some other teaching / non-teaching organization, the university does not guarantee for the continuance of the collaboration/ tie-up. If at any stage the tie-up or collaboration is discontinued, the university may try to make alternative arrangements with some other teaching / non-teaching organization or may offer some other course(s)/ programme of the same or similar or related discipline within or outside the university.
  • The university may discontinue any of the courses/ subjects/ inputs/ facilities being offered in a programme at any point of time, if the person delivering that course/ input/facility leaves the university or withdraws or due to any other reason, as and if deemed appropriate by the university.
  • Possession and use of mobile phones/ laptop/ internet card/ dongle/ camera (video/ still)/ any other gadget may be allowed to the students only at the discretion of the university;provided that the University may restrict the mobile phones/ laptop/ internet card/ dongle/ camera (video/ still)/ audio recorder/ video recorder/ any other gadget or certain features of these gadgets any time or at specific location or for specific time or in general;provided further that possessing and/or using mobile phone/ laptop/ internet card/ dongle/ any other gadget, if restricted by the university, shall lead to disciplinary action(s) against the student.
  • Students are not allowed to keep or use any kind of camera (video/ still)/ audio/ video/ any other recording instrument or any other electronic gadget in the premises of the university/ other locations without written approval of the competent authority of the university.
  • Students will have to make their own travel and other arrangements at their own cost for appearing in the exam, for attending Personal Contact Programme (PCP) and for all other purposes.
  • University may decide to open or close any of its gates, blocks, premises etc. temporarily or permanently or for specific timings or for specific category of students, staff, faculty, visitors as deemed fit from time to time.
  • Parking of the vehicles shall be at the place(s) designated by the university and students are not allowed to drive within the university campus.
  • In the event of a student not fulfilling any requirement of any sort as prescribed by the university, his/her admission will be liable for cancellation at the discretion of the university.
  • Delay or default in making any provision in respect of a student's study or any other facility will not entitle any student to claim any compensation or refund or any other right from the university.
  • Any student found guilty of any sort of disobedience of any of the Rules & Regulations, misconduct, immoral or unethical behaviour or any act that may lead to damage the dignity or goodwill of the university, may be subjected to a range of possible disciplinary actions including but not limited to admission cancellation or expulsion/rustication or withdrawal of any facility at any time as decided by the university, notwithstanding legal action under the law of the land and in that case he/she shall not have any claim for refund/ adjustment of fees or otherwise whatsoever against the university.
  • In case of any legal or other proceeding/ prosecutions initiated or levied against a student on account of any act within or outside the university campus, the concerned student(s) shall be required to arrange his/her/their own defense and bear all the expenses whatsoever arising on this account without seeking any assistance and raising any claim against/ from the university.
  • In case of any issue/difference of opinion with regard to any matter related to the university, only the student or his parents/guardian whose name(s) has been mentioned in the Application Form and/or accepted by the university, may discuss such issues/differences with the concerned authorities/officials of the university and no other person will be allowed to visit/discuss/correspond with any of the university official(s) on the student’s behalf.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to sign and submit all the documents, affidavit, information etc. as be required by the university from time to time and any unsigned declaration(s) or affidavit(s) or undertaking(s) or any other document(s), which otherwise is required to be signed and/or attested and/or submitted by the applicant as prescribed by the university or otherwise, either intentionally or unintentionally shall not relieve the applicant of the obedience and/or compliance and/or any disciplinary jurisdiction of such declaration(s) or document(s). Such declaration(s) or affidavit(s) or undertaking(s) or any other document(s), even if unsigned or not submitted as required, will be binding on the applicant and all other concerned.
  • In case of any matter not covered herein and/ or for interpretation of any content in the prospectus/ other information material, the decision of the competent authority of the university shall be final and binding on all concerned.

The terms “he”, “him” and “his” include the feminine gender also.


Ragging is totally prohibited on the premises of the University and its constituent units/ place of study. Anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging, whether actively or passively, or being a part of a conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished in accordance with the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009 as well as under the provisions of any penal law for the time being in force.


University follows zero tolerance policy towards any behaviour or act that may be construed as sexual harassment as per University Grants Commission (prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) Regulations, 2015. Anyone found guilty of sexual harassment shall be liable for punishment according to the provisions specified in the said Regulations as well as under the relevant laws in force and as decided by the university.