About Us
Lovely Faculty of Distance Education (LFDE)
With support of LPU, the largest university in India, Lovely Faculty of Distance Education (LFDE) is bridging the gap between education and the education seekers at a fast pace, through usage of technology, which significantly extends the reach and quality of education. By providing education without a compromise, LFDE aims at making Distance Education a credible and valued mode of learning.

LFDE, filled with energy, enthusiasm and concern, is a modern and dynamic wing of the university. Its team strives hard to ensure quality in curriculum, teaching methodology, examination, and evaluation system, and in providing the best services to its students. LFDE takes pride in its values by virtue of which it ensures to make an impact on the education system and the learners, and meet the demands of the industry.

Through affordable education, online resources and other student support services, LFDE intends to reach the unreached.

* In terms of no. of students on a single campus