Campus Visits

Make the most of your experience
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During a visit to the Chancellery

LPU students of Distance Education pose before the main entrance to the worthy Chancellor’s office.

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Displaying creative abilities

During campus visit, students of Distance Education get to showcase their creative talents to entertain their fellow students.

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In a single frame

During one of the campus visits, the students pose for a group photo as a memento of their visit.

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During the guided trip of the campus

DE Students are shown important features at the University such as Library, Uni Mall, Skating Rink, Bowling Alley, Sports Ground, various Auditoria etc.

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Interacting with university officials

Distance Education students listening raptly to University Official during an interactive session in a lecture hall.

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Attending general orientation at the university

Distance Education students getting oriented about the University system, e-Connect, Study Material, Student Support Services etc.