• User Friendly
  • 24X7 Accessible Minimizes physical distance
  • Robotic in Functioning Automates all the processes
  • Supports users of multiple roles Facilitates University Officials, Students and Others
  • Scalable Currently handling more than 20,000 Users and can handle more users in future
  • Expanded reach across the globe Accessible from all over the Country and Abroad
  • Innovative tool Offering Convenience, Collaboration and Flexibility in Learning
  • Information Hub Catering to various Academic and Administrative Requirements of Users
  • Eco Friendly Making University Paperless through its online tools
  • Abridges Communication Gap Minimizing the shortcomings of physical distances
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What is LPU e-Connect?
LPU e-Connect, an exceptional and user friendly online platform of Lovely Professional University, offers ANY TIME ANY WHERE strong and secure online connection that links its students located at different geographical locations with the university.
Based on enterprising web portal technology, it truly automates various administrative and academic processes of Distance Education and minimizes the shortcomings of physical distances by providing 24X7 accessibility through its various useful features.
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