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Self Learning Material (Study Material)
Study material available in Self Learning format, is one of the best features of LPU Distance Education. Generally, in Distance Education mode, students are physically at distance from their teachers/ mentors. Hence the study material meant for them is required to play 'teacher-function' also in addition to providing knowledge and information. The study material developed by LPU is self-explanatory, self-contained, self-directed, self-motivating, self-evaluating, and hence is called Self-learning Material (SLM).

SLMs for various courses are provided to the learners through LPU e-Connect (Online Learning Management System) and LPU DE website www.lpude.in permitting students to study wherever they want and to flip through the pages of the virtual study material on their computers, laptops, Tablets, i-pads, i-phones etc. However, if a student wants to take printed Study Material, then he/ she is required to pay prescribed fee separately at the time of taking delivery of the study material.

With help of various tools in SLM like Caution, Notes, Tasks, Did you know?, Pictures, Graphics, Exercises, Case Studies, Examples, etc., students find it easy to learn on their own.

Self Assessment Questions and Review Questions in SLM enable students to gauge their learning on the topics covered in the unit and to keep them active throughout the learning process.

Other features like Summary, Keywords, Glossary and Further Readings make the SLM comprehensive and stimulating for the students enabling them to understand better.