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Sr. No Terms Description
1 LPU Lovely Professional University
2 LFDE Lovely Faculty of Distance Education
3 UGC DEB University Grants Commission Distance Education Bureau
4 CA Continuous Assessment. It is generally done through assignments.
5 CGPA Cumulative Grade Point Average
6 TGPA Term Grade Point Average
7 Programme The area of study leading to the conferment or award of a degree, diploma, certificate or any other academic distinction or title of the University.
8 Course "Course" means a prescribed set of instructions in a subject offered as a unit of studies within an academic programme.
9 Practical Classes that require students (generally in smaller groups compared to lecture) to perform certain functions in controlled situations that help them to test and understand what is being taught in the lecture or otherwise.
10 Programme Guide Programme Guide includes Introduction, Programme Code, Programme Duration, Medium of Instruction, Scheme & Syllabus of the Programme.
11 LE Lateral Entry. It provides flexibility to the aspiring students to get admitted in the 2nd or 3rd year of certain programmes through Lateral Entry option subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria and other conditions prescribed by the university in this regard.
12 ETE (TH.) End-Term Examination (Theory)
13 ETE (PR.) End-Term Examination (Practical)
14 Credit A course credit (often credit hour, or just credit or "unit") is a unit that gives weight to the value, level or time requirements of an academic course taken at academic/ educational institution.
15 Examination Centre The designated Premises where the student needs to appear for Examination.
16 Term Half-year duration in a university
17 Semester Half-year duration in a university
18 Year Full-year duration in a university
19 Programme Transfer A Student once admitted and registered in a programme is not allowed to change the programme, however, under exceptional circumstances; a freshman may be allowed to change his programme within three weeks or before, from the actual start of the session by the University.
20 Examination Centre Change Change of Examination Centre from one place to another place as per provisions of the policy.
21 LPU e-Connect LPU e-Connect, an exceptional and user friendly online platform of Lovely Professional University, offers ANY TIME ANY WHERE strong and secure online connection that links its students with the university.Based on enterprising web portal technology, it truly automates various administrative and academic processes of Distance Education and minimizes the shortcomings of physical distances by providing 24X7 accessibility through its various useful features.
22 SLM Self Learning Material. The Study material is developed in a manner that facilitates self- learning
23 Re-Appear Re-appear allows a student to appear in the examination of a course in subsequent regular term(s) or otherwise subject to fulfillment of the specific conditions if student fails to clear examination in first go.
24 Registration Number A unique number allotted to a student on his/her admission in a particular programme. Registration number of a student remains invariant throughout the duration of his programme at the University.
25 Expulsion Permanent removal by the University from the University rolls with prohibition on future enrolment.
26 PCP Personal Contact Programmes, conducted at University Campus, Phagwara, Punjab, for various courses, provide the students opportunity for conceptual understanding of the courses and also for learning by interacting with university faculty and fellow students.
27 Course Code Alpha- Numeric Coding given to Course.
28 Course Title Name given to a Course.
29 Eligibility Criteria Minimum qualification and conditions to take admission in any LPU DE programme.
Eligibility criteria may vary from programme to programme.